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McLaughlin Environmental LLC is an environmental consulting firm established in 2020. Our purpose is to support responsible land development activities by helping clients navigate the complicated environmental regulatory frameworks in New Jersey and New York.


Our assertion, and our value proposition, is that a consulting firm built for the digital age will result in lower overhead expenses, increased efficiency and flexibility, and incomparable personalized service. Our clients benefit directly from these founding principles.


McLaughlin’s founder, Dan McLaughlin, has over 15 years of experience in the environmental industry with leadership roles in the private, public, non-profit, and volunteer sectors. His diverse background, technical expertise, and extensive network of professionals are assets to our clients and the firm.

McLaughlin Environmental

Every project is unique.  Our founding principles allow us to customize and scale our scope of services to achieve your specific goals.  Whether it is a large project or small project, every project is a priority for us because we know it is a priority for you.

Environmental Consulting Services


Most project timelines can be categorized generally by three phases:


  1.  The due diligence phase;

  2.  The design phase; and

  3.  The construction phase.


It is likely that a variety of technical ​expertise will be required, depending on the scale of the project. Involving an environmental consultant early in a project timeline will help streamline later phases by avoiding costly inefficiencies and misguided expectations.

McLaughlin can help you by providing technical and managerial oversight and execution of complex land development activities involving land use planning, site remediation, hazardous materials, ecological resources, environmental compliance and permitting, and construction phase environmental compliance and administration.

The list below covers some of the services McLaughlin provides in-house. We also build and manage diverse teams of technical experts to support your project goals. Our comprehensive expertise and network of small business professionals enable us to create larger teams that can scale to the specific needs of your project, all while keeping overhead comparatively lower than our larger competition and maintaining the efficient, flexible, and personalized service you deserve.



  • Land use/ecological regulatory constraints evaluations, including wetland delineations, flood hazard area assessments, coastal zone management jurisdictional determinations, threatened and endangered species habitat review, historical and cultural resources review, etc.


  • Identification of potential environmental liabilities and site-specific studies to help understand and reduce those liabilities.


  • Project feasibility assessments and cost/benefit analyses of potential permitting strategies.


  • Land use permits, including Federal, State, local Soil Conservation Districts, counties, municipalities, Pinelands, and other local jurisdictions.

  • Environmental Assessments, including the National Environmental Policy Act, State of New Jersey Executive Order No. 215, New York City Environmental Quality Review, New York State Environmental Quality Review Act, municipal ordinances, etc.).



  • Permit compliance inspections.


  • Mitigation/Restoration oversight and monitoring.


We are happiest when we are helping people. If you are not sure which services you might need or whether we can help you, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch as soon as possible with a free preliminary review of your site and project.  We would love to help you, but if we can't we will connect you with someone who can help you.

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